Whether you agreed with the choice or not, Daniel Craig has worked his way into our proverbial hearts, and is now arguably one of the best, if not, THE best Bond in the 24 film franchise history. A perfect reflection of our time, Craig instilled a certain sense of torment and coldness to our hero, which is more akin to the now commonplace "anti-hero", which has populated most of our films and television screens today. And, it is the complexity of his pain that we get what is perhaps the most three dimensional and fully fleshed out Bond’s that we’ve ever seen.

Depicted more as a machine gun than a scalpel, Craig’s Bond seems the most capable of executing the objective as well as his opponent with unrelenting ferocity and calculated lethal precision than any of the six other actors which preceded him. The dichotomy is delicious: infusing his every breath with as much guarded yet broken authenticity while relishing the indestructible nature of his physical being.  Craig has solidified himself as not just the next person in line, but as the one who broke Bond out of the flaccid and the too often comical place this franchise had found itself in prior years. Through his furor and charm, Craig has allowed for Bond to reach a newer and broader audience, again, securing his spot as one of the best who ever donned the suit and cufflinks.

As such, let us revel in the Craig Era of Bond films and consider ourselves lucky to have such a great 007 to call our own.

SPECTRE opens today!