As winter continues to unfurl and 2015 draws nearer and nearer to a close, what better way to look back at what an awesome movie year we had than with this Final Cut mashup video by Nick Bosworth at We get clips of several of this year’s best films like: Creed, Mad Max: Fury Road, Ex Machina, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nations, Beasts of No Nation, and of course Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Needless to say, this year has had some really great films that I believe will be regarded as some of the best cinematic entries of our lifetime.

There were a lot of great movies this year, but chances are there are a lot that you probably haven't seen, or haven't even heard of. So, we'll be posting our "Best Movies of 2015 You Probably Haven't Seen" selections on our Facebook (  throughout the month of December. Make sure and check that out to see if there are any movies that might pique your interest and make you wonder why you never heard of these films or actually took the time to watch them. Stay tuned!

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Later kids!