There is love in this. The lens, like lips, it feels your warmth, your timid shaking hands, your silence. It is intimate and close, uncompromising and real. It senses and realizes the poetry in your eyes, your movement, your every word. Every breathe is a performance of unequivocal greatness, captured and preserved forever on film.

Its long been a dream of mine to make a movie. I've often dreamt of transposing my thoughts, my dreams and ideas onto film. I think I've mentioned this before, but there is a certain kind of magic in film. One that allows us to accept the unacceptable. We see things on film that we know are not real, and yet, we allow ourselves to believe the unbelievable. Faith, an intrinsically human quality is in full display in our relationship with film. And, while we often talk about the big budget blockbusters of summer, or the upcoming award season fare, I think its important to also acknowledge the independent, the dreamer, the future people, giving us glimpses of their lives, their kinetic rhythm and style for nothing more than pure expression. A declaration of love for crafting and creating moments of simple and joyous magic. In their voices are our own, echoed in true unadulterated freedom, using only materials and technology (i.e. smart phones, DSLR's, Cheap Lenses and Mics) that we have at our disposal. These are two of my favorite independent film makers working today.

THE POET: Kendy Ty

As fluid and enchanting as a verse of poetry, Kendy is a romantic dream. He is a conjurer of film mysticism and vivid emotional rhythm. There is something very evocative of his work, verging on the fantastical; his vignettes are mesmerizing and lasting. Even more astounding, is the equipment he uses as they are not top of the line million dollar devices. He uses a standard Canon T2i DSLR with a Sigma 30mm F1.4 to produce what are simply breathtaking works of art. Using only natural light, shards of glass, and manual focusing he produces eerie, romantic, and beautiful mini-movies for our enjoyment…all online, and for free.

THE DREAMER: Casey Neistat

Smooth and cool as a razor, Casey’s daunting dedication to posting a video on Youtube everyday is a deep penetrating wound into the creative core of my soul. He is a pillar of creative diligence and determination that inspires me so much. Considering that he too, is a father of a beautiful little girl, often times, we see life, in general, as an obstacle that we allow to get in the way of what we want to do, or feel we should do. His daily Vlogs are a rallying cry to the masses: “You Can Do This Too!” He presents a simple yet practical and engaging narrative that gives him a voice all his own. But he, like Kendy Ty, is an example of film taking on this new form, as future people, who can uncover the mysteries of our imagination and inspire truly moving and wonderful works of cinematic art.

Honorable Mention:

THE BOY WONDER: HitRecord w/Joseph Gordon Levitt

Now available on Netflix, this show embodies The Beta Report’s philosophy of being “great together” through collaboration and interaction with one another. The entire premise of the show is to see an idea, theme or story to its end through different mediums performed by a variety of different people. It is extraordinary and inspiring. If the Binger’s Guide’s suggestions have become kind of stale, then give this a try. I think you will enjoy it.


What are your thoughts? What are some independent filmmakers you like? Are you a filmmaker? We would most definitely want to check out your work! If so, post your information in the comments section below.

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Later kids!


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