An organized band of thieves intends to commit the most perfect robbery in the history of Spain, taking home 2,400 million euros in the process.

Netflix never disappoints when it comes to releasing great entertaining content. Whether it's original shows, acquiring big budget films or releasing international series, they’ve developed a keen eye for great content on a global scale. And, this show is no different. La Casa de Papel or as it’s titled on Netflix: Money Heist, is another great addition to the already stellar foreign language material they’ve released in the last few years. With shows and movies like Dark, Ingobernable, and Train to Busan, La Casa de Papel aka Money Heist is another show that is definitely worth watching.

This show is a Spanish crime thriller that is equal parts familiar, but also captivating and fresh enough to keep you hooked from the moment it starts. The show throws you directly into the action from the moment it begins. It wastes no time in building its criminal world and the people in it, as we’re thrust right into it from the moment our main protagonist Tokio, a young woman on the run after a failed bank robbery, utters her first words. The exhilarating pace never eases up as we journey through the events of what is considered to be the biggest heist in Spain's history.

On its face, this can be mistaken as your typical heist story. The premise is simple: A team of uniquely skilled criminals put together by a mysterious man simply named “The Professor”, are brought together to pull off this huge heist. Fans of the Oceans films, Reservoir Dogs, and even Mr. Robot will love the team aspect of the show. But, in Money Heist, the 13 episode season allows the story to draw out the character development, giving you an intimate knowledge of each character as we explore their backstories, what led them to their recruitment by The Professor, and also what their hopes and aspirations are after the robbery is completed. It’s a brilliant narrative experience and I’m glad they took this approach with this genre, as every moment you share with this eclectic team of criminals is thoroughly enjoyable and insightful.

There is also much to be said about the stellar writing and phenomenal performances from all of its actors. Each performer avoids becoming mere parody or a caricature of their character and their skills, and in turn these men and women feel fully realized making each twist and turn feel that much more believable and taxing on us as viewers. The script also takes the familiar heist formula and transforms it into something that feels fresh and new and highly efficient. The script manages to turn a seemingly ordinary exchange between a father and son--in a vault full of money--into something much more revealing, which paints a perfect portrait of their relationship and their individual character's development. There is a lot that can be unpacked in almost every interaction we see on screen, which is again, a testament to the sleek and smart writing on display. 

Simply put, Money Heist is your next favorite show on Netflix that you just haven't watched. It grips you tight from the moment it starts and never loosens its hold on you. From the pulse pounding pace, the unrelenting thrills, and the highly entertaining team, you won't want to stop watching this show. If you're worried that this is just another heist story, just watch the first episode and I guarantee it'll change your mind. 

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