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With that said, we are excited to shine the first “TBR Presents” spotlight on: Jocelyne Zelaya, our resident MLB expert and Chef Extraordinaire. We are proud to bring her into The Beta Report Family.


My knowledge of baseball goes only as far as the Sandlot took it. I know that the Great Bambino is a guy and not a wussy deer named The Great Bambi. I know that I, like most other boys, always wanted a cool friend like Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez and a girlfriend like Wendy Peffercorn. And lastly, I know that: “Heroes get remembered, but Legends never die.” And…that about does it. I am tapped out after that in regards to baseball. Luckily, Jocelyne has us covered, and she’ll get further into the world of baseball than Ya-Ya, Squints or Hamm ever could!


A lot has been going on in the MLB world. The trade deadline is today, July 31, 2015, and several teams have made some pretty interesting moves.

We asked Jocelyn who she thought made the best moves so far:

“So far, in my opinion the team that has made the best moves is the Toronto Blue Jays. They managed to get [Troy] Tulowitzki from Colorado and yesterday they snagged [David] Price. Teams, Dodgers included, have been wanting to get Price since last year. I like to think that we came pretty close last off season but he's just not about that LA life. And to just show why Tulowitzki is such a good thing for them the man hits a home run at his first game as a Blue Jay, in Toronto. Now, tell me that's not showing the fans that the front office made a good choice!”

 She continues, when asked who made the worst moves before the trade deadline:

“I'm an optimist, for the most part, so I don't like to think that any team makes bad moves. I think as fans it's hard for us to TRY to understand the logic the GM’s make. If GM’s thought like fans the game would be a mess. Then again it might be good, I would still have my [Matt] Kemp in Dodger blue and [Shane] Victorino would still be with the Red Sox and not have to worry about changing his song when he goes up to bat.
I have to say though, I don't understand why the Angels got Victorino. I would think they would want young players. Again, only the front of the house knows the bigger picture.”


 Of course, we couldn’t let her go without giving us a little bit regarding our boys in blue, the Dodgers:

“Then there is this 3 team deal between the Dodgers, Atlanta and Miami. Pitching is always what the dodgers need. With Ryu out we need good people and a closer that helps us out like Jansen does. So I look forward to that mess. I was reading the latest article on it yesterday and the trade we made with Miami and Atlanta helps our rotation. We got [Mat] Latos and [Alex] Wood now. Both decent pitchers. We are always in need of pitchers.”

Because, as great as they are, she reaffirms: “It can't all fall on Kershaw and Greinke.”

Then, of course, the most important question, what all of us who "Bleed Blue" really want to know, does this solidify the Dodgers as more than just contenders and possible champions this season:

 “I love my boys, always will but I don’t know. It's hard to say. The Giants are ALWAYS on our asses. We are #1 in our division right now but only by half a point and it will remain like that for the rest of the season. Who takes the west? Giants or Dodgers. We play the Angels this weekend, always a nice little rivalry series and lucky for us we don't face the Giants until the end of August and it's perfect timing. At that point things are hotter. Ask me that question again at the end of August.”

 Oh,  trust me, we will be checking up with you in August for sure!

Big thanks to our friend, the ever so lovely Jocelyne for giving us some of her thoughts and insights regarding the MLB as its shaping up today. Make sure and stay tuned for the following episode of The Beta Report to get some more thoughts on what’s going on in the world of sports, movies, and TV.

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Later kids!