Episode 70! If we do anything during our time together, I would hope that it'd be to make your life a little easier. So, without further ado, we present to you the world's best excuse: Toddlers bro! Its simple. If you haven't had time to finish an assignment, just tell your boss: Toddlers bro! and he/she will instantly understand. Didn't study for a test: Toddlers Bro! You keep postponing your podcast recording: Toddlers Bro! It's amazing! You now wield the golden ticket of excuses. Use it wisely. Your'e welcome. 

This week, the whole crew is back to slash our way through LOGAN. We got our review and a few parting words for our beloved Wolverine [Insert sad puppy Sarah McLachlan song here...I Will Remember You!]. We offer our thoughts on the state of the X-Men franchise, should they recast Wolverine/Logan immediately or not, or should Laura aka X-23 carry on as The Wolverine. We also spend way too much time talking about La La Land (KON + CAT + MUSICALS= BAD NEWS). Plus, we talk some Iron Fist, Wonder Woman and our hope for the DECU. All that and so much more on this episode of TBR.