Arnold schwarzenegger, Tom Cruise, Will Smith...these titans ruled over all other actors for years at the box office. At the height of their powers, their draw at the box office was pretty undeniable. People flocked to movies that starred any one of these guys and we were all happy to throw money at their feet. But, as Marvel and the rise of comic book movies have sort of monopolized over the box office, which one actor could be the next Box Office Champ? Well, The Beta Report throws down in the ring and drop kicks each other's choices until one contender is left standing!

We also have a brand new TOP 5, which includes Acri-mo-nee..Ah-cri-mo-nye...You know what we're saying. A new cataclysmic GO/NO GO featuring a box office champion contender, and, as always, a new PICK OF THE WEEK. We've got all that, and...SO MUCH MORE. Keep it locked here for a new episode of The Beta Report.