DC for all its rich lore, storied history, and decades of comic book triumphs, is still trying to find its way out of Marvel Studio’s shadow. But, with the recent success of movies like Shazam! and Aquaman and the criminally underrated DC Universe slate of shows including Doom Patrol, DC is finally starting to dig itself out of the murky stinking bog of mediocrity and public appeal. Couple that with all of the upcoming DC projects headed our way like: James Gunn’s Suicide Squad, Joaquin Phoenix’s The Joker, and the Robert Pattinson led Batman movie, I think it was time for TBR to break out The DC Talk! Are you down? Stay tuned to find out what we think about all of the upcoming DC projects and the pruned, sheered, and cancelled Swamp Thing. All that and so much more on this week’s episode of, The Beta Report.