In case you guys haven’t heard, GLASS has made more than $100 Million Dollars in the box office to date. It only took $20 Million to make. That’s insane! But, it is good though? Did we really need this trilogy 18 years after Unbreakable first burst onto the scene? And the twists…were they effective or is it all just played out now? The Beta Bros take a deep dive into M. Night Shyamalan’s introspection of the superhero genre to give you guys their impressions, likes, and dislikes.

We also talk about Glass’ main competition last weekend with the return of our favorite gun wielding vigilante Frank Castle in Netflix’s The Punisher, Season 2. Jay also gives his thoughts on the third season of the HBO thriller: True Detective. Its a packed show!

Plus, the return of the New Tune Tuesday, on Thursday…except when its on Friday! All of this, and so much more on today’s episode of The Beta Report.