As you guys know, we are native sons of Los Angeles, CA. So, seeing our Dodgers make it to the World Series after a 28 year drought, is a kind of a big deal. Now, because of this historic run, we just had to do a baseball-centric show to discuss our Dodgers as well as some classic baseball movies to get us in the right World Series spirit. AND...we've brought on our own MLB Expert, Chef Extraordinaire and previous guest, the ever so lovely: Jocelyne Zelaya to help us analyze and predict the Dodgers vs. Astros match-up. 

Aside from being a baseball fan and expert, as we mentioned above, Jocelyne is also an incredible and talented chef and we talk once again about her culinary career and the shows and chefs that inspire her to do what she does. We also have a brand new PICK OF THE WEEK and so much more. So, make sure and listen to this week's episode of The Beta Report.