Special guest Jorge Valdes sits down with us to talk about his first Young Adult Novel Series, Magnus Manheart: The 5 Staffs of Justice. Jorge takes us into his fantasy world and discusses his creative process, the current state of the book, the series, and how his daughter was the motivation behind it all. We also talk about Magnus Manheart and how it evolved from a father's promise, to a 250 page story, to his future plans of making this the next great book-to-film-adaptation since Harry Potter.

We also have a brand new Top 5, with an exclusive review of Sherlock Gnomes by the talented, insightful, and breathtakingly beautiful Hazel Mae Ruano. A fresh GO/NO GO and a new PICK OF THE WEEK from all of the guys and special guest Jorge Valdes. 

If you'd like to know more about the book, its characters, or Jorge Valdes himself, make sure and visit his website: 


Photo by Joshua Fuller on Unsplash