Other than our smartphones, I don’t think there has been anything more culture defining than: Netflix. The media streaming giant has consistently poured out hit after hit, creating some of the most entertaining and memorable shows and movies of our time like Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, Roma, and Bird Box, to name a few. Netflix has not only grown from a mere movie rental service, it is categorically shaping our history and rewriting the zeitgeist as we know it.

But, as Netflix continues to nab its share of A-List stars, Oscar worthy directors, and fueling our entertainment driven lives…is Netflix worth having in 2019? Is Netflix Studios and the quality of its TV Shows and Films enough to leave other streaming services or major movie studios behind? Listen in as The Beta Boys let you now if you should keep your Netflix subscription or if there are some more “Magical” options coming up in the future. All that, and so much more on this episode of The Beta Report.