No, this isn’t the Beta Report’s new NBA-centric podcast about great rebounders in NBA history. It’s just a clever title. Although, that would be a pretty great idea. File away for later (Patent Pending)…This is however one of those moments where the universe just aligns things for you perfectly and you have no choice but to bring it to light: Punisher+Glass=Jigsaw…this stuff writes itself!

Anyway, on today’s episode the Beta Boy’s preview two of their most anticipated releases of 2019: The Punisher Season 2 and M. Night Shyamalan’s GLASS! There are a lot of things on the line for these two releases, like is M. Night Shyamalan’s resurgence for real or is he destined to fall back into mediocrity? And, is The Punisher the next Marvel Netflix show in the cancellation cross-hairs no matter how great it is? We answer all of these questions and give our thoughts regarding the poor reviews and terrible Rotten Tomatoes score GLASS has right now…35%!!! YIKES.

All that and so much more on this Friday edition of The Beta Report.