Happy (early) Thanksgiving! As we near the impending belly busting feasts that will reign down gargantuan gluttonous glory upon our guts, let the Beta Bros snap you out of your comatose state with our Justice League and Punisher SPOILER FREE reviews. Is Justice League as bad as the gluten free gravy your parents are making you eat? Is The Punisher as gruesome as your uncle eating all those mashed potatoes with his bare hands? Listen now to find out. 

We also baked up a fresh batch of hot and ready to eat PICK(S) OF THE WEEK for all your possible Thanksgiving scenarios. Fed up with your family so you want to go out? We got a pick for that! Too tired and full to roll yourself off your couch to go to the theater? We got a pick for that! Fed up with your family, full, tired, so you want to go out, but you still want more turkey so you head back home??? WE GOT A PICK FOR THAT TOO! We got you covered no matter what. 

Photo by Alison Marras on Unsplash