From Allie and Noah in the Notebook, to Jim and Pam from The Office, some Movie and TV romances are too good to be make-believe. There are some timeless love stories in movies and television that transcend the confines of our screens and nestle deep in the warmest, most cuddliest parts of our hearts. We watch them and dwell on them, but then realize, its not real. But, what if, they weren't fake? What if, our favorite movie/TV romances could magically slip out of the screen, and just like the story of Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves actually getting married on the set of Dracula, their onscreen tales of love were actually, real? If this were the case, The KON and Jay give their favorite movie couples they wish could come true.

And, what's a good relationship without a few romantic rendezvous? A lovers getaway? A mid-summer soiree? Well, have no fear, because The Beta Bros have a few museum recommendations that will breath life into any love affair..while also satiating your hunger for adventure and excitement in the new world of dark tourism. There's nothing more romantic than the museum of ventriloquist dummies, Mexican mummy's, or Toilets in India! We got all this and so much more, on this week's episode of The Beta Report.