It time for The Beta end...So that THE BETA REPORT can finally return to full strength. That's right people, Uno, like exiled Luke, has felt the Force calling to him from a distance, and is now back! And, what better time to return, as we focus our force powers to try and tackle what will surely be one of the best movies of the year. That's right, this is our Star Wars: The Last Jedi Episode. But, that's not all. We also have our favorite art director, toy maker, Cudahy shaker and all around dope dude, Carlos Mendoza on today's episode too. 

We're all in to discuss what we know, share theories, and make our predictions as well. Plus, we got our PICK OF THE WEEK and we also have our first sponsored episode....ever! 

With that said, this episode is brought to you by Lucha Printing (@Luchaprinting; Make sure to follow them on all Social Media sites and hit up our boy Hugo for all your printing needs. He hit us up with some amazing "Estar Guars" shirts that we will be sharing soon. Stay tuned.