Before we get into this week's show, we just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the tragedy which took place in England yesterday, as we extend our deepest sympathies and prayers to the families of those affected. We also send out our love and prayers to Zack Snyder and his family after announcing the loss of his daughter. This is all truly devastating news, and our hearts and prayers are with them all.

Its episode 78! TBR is at full strength again, as the lovely Cat rejoins us this week. On today's episode we break down all of the new movie news that has just been announced. From the Tom's getting new roles i.e. Tom Holland as Nathan Drake and Tom Hardy as Venom, Universal's Movie Monster Universe...DARK UNIVERSE aka "Monster Squad 2.0", now taking shape, to our close friend and occasional podcast guest Arnold Schwarzenegger, announcing that he is going to be in yet another Terminator movie but this time with the great James Cameron involved as well. The KON also throws in a quick review of Alien: Covenant. Plus, we also have a Summer 2017 Movie Preview and our pick of the week. Its another packed show! As always, we've got all this, and so much more, on this week's episode of The Beta Report.