It might be coincidental, or clearly scientific, and perhaps a bit mystical, regardless of how you’d like to classify it, one thing remains true: THE BETA REPORT EFFECT IS REAL! They've often joked about the power of the TBR Effect, but now even we are beginning to believe it. The Beta Bros react to the astonishing ways The Effect has worked its entertainment magic in so many ways this week. From the sudden swell of Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker images and videos flooding our streams, to The House with a Clock in its Walls hitting the top spot on the TOP 5, we’ve developed the Midas Touch and we’d like to share the wealth.

The KON also reacts to a movie he may or may not have seen, as a brand new Bumblebee Trailer buzzed its way onto the internet. Plus, there are some creepy things going on in the TBR studio today…and Jay blames The Nun! Listen to find out if The Beta Bros made it out of this episode alive.