Have you guys ever realized how helpful the Super Bowl is for your love life? First, all of the trailers are there to simply guide you to your next date. From Solo: A Star Wars Story to Mission Impossible: Fallout. The Super Bowl movie trailers are like little beacons of light stringing together a road to a fruitful and romantic relationship. And, aren't all of the commercials just future gifts you can give your loved ones? Who doesn't want a fresh batch of Tide to use on their clothes, or a spontaneous gifting of Dorritos and Mountain Dew? It's all there people and The Beta Report is here to help you through the upcoming season of love. 

This is our Valentine's Day episode, full of date ideas, gift suggestions, and stay at home movie/TV show recommendations for your cuddling pleasure. We also react to all of the Super Bowl trailers and commercials in a brand new TRAILER PARK and REACTION/ACTION segments. A fresh GO/NO GO with this weeks new movie releases and another STREAM COME TRUE. All that and so much more, on this week's episode of The Beta Report.