It's Episode 86! The Defenders is finally here! For what felt like ages, Marvel has finally released its Netflix heroes' team-up adventure series and we've seen the whole thing. We got our SPOILER FREE REVIEW as well as our thoughts on the question everyone seems to be Iron Fist/Danny Rand better here than in his own series? We answer that and a few other questions regarding some of the show's other heroes, villains, and their futures in the NMCU (Netflix Marvel Cinematic Universe). 

Plus, we have another entry in the ongoing Game of Bros (GoB) segment, as Game of Thrones continues to march past the threshold of awesomeness with another great episode. This week we dissect Episode 6, "Beyond the Wall" as The Magnificent 7 aka The Suicide Squad aka The Westeros Avengers, go wight hunting in the snow. Zombie polar bears, flaming swords, Tormund and The Hound talking about Brienne...this episode has it all! By the way, "Tormund & The Hound" is the next great buddy-cop-Lethal-Weapon-Esque spin-off show that needs to happen. We got you HBO, let us write it. Hit us up!

We also talk about the upcoming standalone Obi-Won Kenobi movie and how that might connect to Rey and her parentage reveal in the upcoming Star Wars Saga films. Plus, we got a new PICK OF THE WEEK for you. It's a packed show! We got all this, and so much more, on this week's episode of The Beta Report.