Its dead. Its gone. Its not like the zombies on TV. This time, what’s dead, stays dead…or will it? In all honesty, The Walking Dead has been a little stale for quite sometime now. As Uno so eloquently put it, off the air: “The premise is, stay alive. After 7 years, it gets old.” And while true, this premise has been a little tired, what made TWD so compelling were its characters and not their specific circumstances. Enter Judith Grimes! Can she be enough for fans to once again loyally scavenge and survive week to week like we did before? The Beta Bros dissect the current state of The Walking Dead and AMC’s current plan to send Rick Grimes on a three part movie adventure away from his new zombie slaying family.

Plus, we got a brand new PICK OF THE WEEK and a re-visit of last week’s New Tune Tuesday on Thursday featuring Adam Cruz’s “Role Modelz Wanted”. All that and so much more, on this week’s episode of The Beta Report.