Creation is electric. An idea strikes like a fervent brush stroke that stimulates necessity. It lights up your mind like a lightning bolt of effervescent freedom and possibilities. This creativity is beautiful and contagious and soon a merger of souls occurs. A mending of artistic divides through a singular untamed spirit to create is formed. Strength through collaboration, an amalgamation of inspiration and obsession of like minded people adorns a blank canvas. From concept to conception, creation is alive and its existence is the catalyst for other creators, innovators and artists who dream up the landscape that promises the way for our future people.

One of my favorite things in this world is watching creative people operating within their creative space. I love seeing the process of a creative mind at work. I love their passion and genius as it manifests through their craft, and ultimately, how that space and process becomes their art. What is also interesting is how that art is like a traveling storm of inspiration and how someone else’s creativity can be the means and medium that pushes our own expression forward. Take for example, our esteemed friend and colleague F. Rian More who has been busy sharing his brilliance for the last couple of weeks on our blog. He’s been great! It’s been such a pleasure reading all of his life stories and I’ve also enjoyed the creative spin he places on some of the current stories that are popular today. Needless to say, his creativity has been infectious and it made me want to write this particular blog.

Today, I wanted to highlight some of the more interesting and flat out genius collaborations and creations I’ve seen recently.

Drop to Vinyl: The Power of Dreams


Now, this totally appeals to my Hip Hop soul. But, I feel like the inspiration is so lush and vibrant that it can appeal to everyone.

Uproxx recently released this video on their Youtube channel. The concept: write, perform and record a song directly to vinyl…in one take! It follows EDM artist Nghtmare, a group of young talented musicians, and emcee A-F-R-O through the process of writing and producing a song to then execute it flawlessly to record it directly on to a vinyl record in one take. No punch-ins, no breaks, no separate tracks or copy and pasting of any sort. This is, as the lathe operator describes it, “[the most] charismatic way to record anything, period.” And I love the fact that he purposefully chose the word charismatic. Because, as you watch the progression of this concept and listen to the track, you have no choice but to be enamored by the process and completely enjoy the end result. It truly is magnetic and captivating. See for yourself…

The second I got done watching this video, I immediately felt the need to share this with other people. I felt that creativity like this should not be overlooked or dismissed through the thumb numbing course of our Social Media day. Ideas like this need to be fed to ensure that other people’s dreams are realized and brought to fruition more often.

  • Stronger- NGHTMARE (Feat. A-F-R-O)

By fate rather than design, the end result of this creative endeavor is this song titled “Stronger”. Nothing could have been more appropriate or could have more perfectly personified the living and breathing nature of this idea. As the track breathes its nascent breath, you feel a surge of strength growing as the song continues to build and flesh itself out audibly. I felt it. I also felt this strength to create and it was almost like this song, its idea and execution, was a call within myself to create. As if what was becoming “Stronger” was my desire to “Do Something” and be creative in that instance. Have you guys ever experienced that? Have you ever heard, seen, or lived something so inspiring that you’re almost compelled to create? Let me know below. But, without further delay, here is the song “Stronger”.

A Rise to Infamy: Perfecting the Villain


As you guys know, we are Star Wars nerds. And just when it looked like we’d steer clear of any more Star Wars talk, this comes up and I just couldn’t resist. The concept: bring to life one of Star War’s most criminally underused and under developed villains: Darth Maul. Of all the Star War’s villains, Darth Maul had the potential to be one of the best the series had ever seen. He had the look, the skills, and the most innovative take on an iconic weapon, the dual bladed lightsaber. Some of the best moments in the Prequel Trilogy involved Darth Maul, and he never made it past the first film. He is involved in some of the best action sequences of the Prequel Trilogy and John Williams’ “Duel of The Fates” is probably one of the best pieces of music he has written for the Star Wars franchise, outside of the iconic opening theme. All signs pointed to Darth Maul becoming iconic himself. But, unfortunately, that didn’t pan out the way most of us would have wanted, until now.

A young film making team working out of Germany called T7 Productions had set out to prove that Darth Maul is one of the greatest villains in the Star Wars universe. And I think they achieved their goal. Spanning several months of preparation and planning, the team put together an impressive narrative centering on Darth Maul’s final test towards becoming a Sith Lord and becoming Darth Sidious’ aka The Emperor’s apprentice.

  • Darth Maul: Apprentice-A Star Wars Fan-Film

Even though this is a small production company, you can tell that a lot of work went into the film. From the choreography, to the make-up, to the actors, locations and story, this is evidence of strength through collaboration. This was a team of collectively great and talented people who believed in this vision and carried out the plan to great effect. What they’ve truly accomplished was to rekindle our fascination with the titular villain and add to his infamy. It allowed me to visually add to his legend and it furthered my desire to see more of the Sith Lord in the future. In a dream world, I’d love to see this become a multiple episode show, which would explore more of the devastating blows he issued out to the Jedi and their order. Watch this and tell me you wouldn’t want to see more of this ruthlessness on screen. Maybe a spinoff Star Wars Story type movie like the upcoming Rogue One, Young Han Solo, or Boba Fett movies could work? What do you think?

All that to say, just create! Whether it’s a blog or a baby…well, really think about the latter first. It’s never been easier to get your thoughts, ideas, and art out to people than it is now. Like a lot of the guests we have on our podcast and like our friend F. Rian More, we know that there is a wealth of talent out there that just needs to be seen, heard and experienced. All I’m asking is that you take the chance and create, believe in your passions and put it out there.