When you're struck with a jolt of fear and the thunderous charge of danger is shockingly near. Worry not, as the electrifying duo of Black Lightning and Pun Man are here to light your darkest nights! Okay, that is about as punny as I can get without throwing up. But, this is our show in a nutshell. We review the CW's brand new super hero show Black Lightning's first episode. Are the characters compelling? Is the villain a real threat? Is this show Beta Approved? You'll have to listen to find out. 

And, as the CW universe of DC characters continues to expand, we discuss what movie or TV universe we'd most like to live in. Would Uno like to live in the MCU to assume his secret super hero identity: Pun Man? Would the Kon want to meet the alternate Khan in the Star Trek Universe? Am I going to Never-land so that I can really be Forever Five?!? You'll just have to listen to find out. 

We also decided to extend last week's SECRET WORD CHALLENGE for one more week! We also have a new SECRET WORD CHALLENGE for this week that would effect our blog. Plus, as always, we have a new...no, we have THREE PICKS OF THE WEEK for you to check out. All that and many many more puns, and so much more, on this week's episode of The Beta Report.