The box. Telly. Small screen. The tube. The boob-tube. TV. Television. We all have one. Or two, or three. We even carry one in our pocket now! The way we consume TV shows today, has changed dramatically in the last couple of years. With streaming services, cable channel apps, and video-sharing websites all providing access to what we could only get at a certain time in one particular place, has now opened up a world of opportunities to mind-numbingly binge every TV show that is out there. But, with all those possibilities now available to us, it might be hard to figure out what to watch, when to watch, and where to watch some of the new and returning shows in 2018. That’s where we come in. The Beta Report has done all your homework for you. They don’t call one of us the King of The Nerds for nothing. In today’s episode, we highlight some of the best brand new shows coming out this year and we also look at some of our favorite returning shows like Jessica Jones, The Handmaid’s Tale and Atlanta.

We also have a new PICK OF THE WEEK and a challenge for all of our listeners…Listen in to see what that might be and what that might mean for Uno, Kon, and Jay. We got all that and so much more on this week’s episode of The Beta Report.

Photo by Pawel Kadysz on Unsplash