The Beta Report has a packed show today. The KON has seen Deadpool 2 and he does a deep dive into the movie and gives his SPOILERY review. They also preview this weeks only GO/NO GO option, Solo: A Star Wars Story. The boys break down this movie and let you know what to expect and whether this is actually going to be good. Have expectations kind of turned the tide for TBR? Plus, Jay offers up his Willow/Solo parallels and how Young Val Kilmer is the key to Solo's success. Go read Jay's new blog to learn more about his theory. 

And, finally, what you've all been waiting for, The Beta Report has your exclusive interview with the legendary Wookie warrior, Chewbacca! We are excited to have him on the show and he offers a lot of interesting information regarding his co-star Harrison Ford, and he also talks about his other acting jobs that you might not be aware of. So much good stuff! Plus, we have another TOP 5, plus a brand new batch of PICKS OF THE WEEK. All that and so much more on this weeks episode of The Beta Report.