SOLO has smuggled its way into theaters and lets just say, people are having a bad feeling about this. There's been a lot of nerd rage surrounding this film and the visceral reaction by the Star Wars community has never been more hostile. But, is SOLO: A Star Wars Story really as bad as people are making it out to be? Is SOLO not worth watching? Is SOLO: A Star Wars Story truly a flop? 

This week, The Beta Bros send Uno off on his Money Heist vacation as he hustles his way through the mean streets of Spain. So, while he's gone, the KON and Jay are here to cut through the nerd noise and give you guys a spoiler filled review of SOLO. Nothing goes on touched as the Bros take on what they loved about the film and what they hated. They also ponder which direction can Star Wars go from here, and are we willing to take that ride. Plus, we have a new PICK OF THE WEEK and we are also proud to present our One Minute Tangent segment sponsored by MoviePass (Not Really. MoviePass is not an official sponsor of The Beta Report...but they can be. Hit us up MP!!!). All that, and so much more, on this week's episode of The Beta Report.