Happy 3rd of July! The Beta Report is celebrating America by trying something a little different this week. We're gonna commemorate 'Merica by giving you TWO EPISODES IN ONE WEEK! What's more American than "Two for the Price of ONE"? The episodes will be 30 minutes long, perfect for your daily commutes on the Oregon Trail or if you're simply giving your pet Bald Eagle a bath. These bite-sized episodes are here to feed your podcast hunger like a fresh basket of Freedom Fries. They'll be up every Tuesday and Thursday, unless, Toddlers...You guys already know. 

On today's episode, we got a new TOP 5 (movies at the box office), The KON gives a quick review for the Netflix Original Show, GLOW Season 2, and Jay, Uno, and The KON give you the perfect 4th of July Movies to watch this week. We've got all this and so much more on the FIRST OF TWO episodes this week, of The Beta Report.