Never has a King done more for his people than our very own King of the Nerds. In no place in time has a royal put in as many hours in sheer consumption of entertainment to ensure that his subjects are safe from boring, ill advised, or just flat out terrible shows or movies than The KON. From Netflix to Hulu, and TV to the theater, our sovereign Nerd has the answers to all of your geeky questions. This week, The KON decrees his reviews on two highly anticipated premieres: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom & Marvel's Luke Cage Season 2. He talks about the good, the bad, and the bland...are Marvel's Netflix shows getting a little, stale? Click the play button and find out.

The Beta Bro's also dive into a little Steven Seagal (Mixed Martial Arts Master?), a new TOP 5 and as always, there's a new top-rope-slobber-knocking-leg-drop PICK OF THE WEEK. All that and so much more, on this week's episode of The Beta Report.