I think we can all relate with the title. For years, Pixar has figured out new and exciting ways to make us cry...and we love it! Whether its 30 minutes of robots lovingly musing and not speaking a word, introducing a couple's love and heartbreak in the first 10 minutes of a film, or allowing us to share one final emotional moment with our favorite toys. If Pixar movies don't make you feel a certain way by the end of each movie...you might want to check your pulse! So, with The Incredibles 2 shattering records and taking hold of the box office's top spot, The Beta Bros, The KON and Jay, offer up their 5 favorite Pixar movies. The results might make you un poco loco. They also offer up their 5 LEAST favorite Pixar movies, which was actually harder to do than expected. 

They also have a brand new TOP 5 box office list with a brief Incredibles 2 review by Jay, a brand new bullet proof choice in this week's STREAM COME TRUE, and a new savage PICK OF THE WEEK comes roaring through. All that and so much more, on this week's episode of The Beta Report.