Never mind the clickbait title, I think there is some truth to this. In one corner, there is a family of heroes that waited 14 years to release a sequel. In the other, we have a team of heroes who became a family, that spent 10 years doing nothing but releasing sequels. And, though we've grown up with both groups, there is a certain fondness for The Incredibles that is nestled deep in my Pixar loving heart. Knowing what Toy Story 3 was able to emotionally pull from me, I can already tell that The Incredibles can, and undoubtedly will, do the same. So, can The Incredibles be better films than The Avengers movies? Listen to find out! 

So, on today's show, we dive into this week's GO/NO GO, which of course is: The Incredibles 2. We also break down this week's TOP 5, including the twisted and wholly terrifying new horror classic, Hereditary. Jay also gives his quick Ocean's 8 review. Make sure and stay tuned to this week's blog to read his full review. Finally, we have a brand new Trailer Park. All that and so much more, on this week's episode of The Beta Report.